To ensure you comply with your sites local authorities "lighting of a dangerous structure" requirements Panthera Security have a dedicated lighting division where all of the lighting we provide is compliant with all current IEE regulations.


Bulkhead warning lights are ideal when a scaffold or hoarding has been erected on a public footpath or in situations where the structure could cause a hazard to the public. Translucent lights are used for lighting footpaths, while red lights are located on the outside of the structure to warn oncoming traffic of the hazard.

The lights are 13w low energy anti vandal fittings, and are made from a tough polycarbonate material. Lighting systems are wired with 110v PVC artic grade cable and connections made with 110V plugs and connectors. Scaffold lights and hoarding lights are installed in a minimum of four but any number can be linked together to suit requirements. The transformers range from 2.5 kVA up to 10 kVA. All of the equipment complies with current British Standards.


Panthera Lighting can supply a completely mains-free solution to standard 110v bulkhead fitting. The lamps contain a photoelectric cell that enables them to switch on and off automatically to suit all conditions. They have a specially designed lens that diffuses the light to provide maximum light where it is most needed. Our lamps are extremely tough and durable. As with our standard mains warning lights they are available with red or translucent lenses.

The lamps are acceptable to The Highway Authorities, Local Councils and the Health & Safety Executive as well as conforming to British Standard 3143 part 2.

They have a battery life between 200-400 hours mainly dependent upon the time of year. The lamps are fixed to the scaffolding via a specially designed bracket, with a fixing nut that is the same size as used on a standard scaffold fitting.

Warning & Safety Lamps are available for hire or sale. LAMPS ONLY £24.80 EACH - CALL: 0845 165 1234


Floodlights with integral motion detectors, are a great addition for extra security when used in conjunction with our scaffold or site security systems, or alternatively as a standalone deterrent. The lights, when expertly located give maximum protection to each particular environment. With the option of 300w or 500w bulbs, we supply these lights in sets of two, and depending on the wattage of the bulbs, many more can be linked together to give the premises a higher security. Our floodlights can incorporate a metal guard to protect the glass from acts of vandalism. Our lighting systems are wired with 110v PVC Artic Grade cable and connections made with 110V plugs and connectors. The transformers range from 2.5 kVA up to 10 kVA.


We use a highly sophisticated dual area lighting controller that enables external areas to be accurately monitored. The unit automatically switches up to 3000 watts of lighting at night for a pre-set period and can be manually overridden when required. The controller incorporates an audible warning tone, and features six detector indicators that illuminate when activated by detection day or night. We generally fix the floodlights to the outside of the scaffolding at the first lift facing up. When activated the face of the scaffolding is illuminated. Adding this lighting to the alarm system provides a much higher state of security whilst still being cost effective.

To ensure you meet your health and safety obligations, call now to discuss your Scaffold lighting or hoarding lighting requirements.

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