We now have available an extremely Hi-Tec mains free alarm system which are reliable, flexible and reasonably priced; Ideal for use on scaffoldings, building sites, within temporary site offices and many other locations.


Being totally wire-less there is no need for a mains connection making the system discrete and easy to install. As no wiring is necessary, call out charges to repair damaged cabling will not be incurred. The system communicates via encoded radio transmission, the various units being battery-operated and powered by Lithium batteries with a service life of over 3 years.

This offers many advantages: operation is guaranteed for a broad range of temperatures, there is very little self-discharge, a very high power level and a perfectly stable voltage supply throughout battery life.

Furthermore, these batteries are environmentally-friendly. Dual radio transmission for double safety TwinPass technology is based on the encoding and then simultaneous dual transmission of information via radio. Both frequencies carry the same information from the transmitter to the receiver at the same time.

If there is a problem with one of the frequencies, caused by interference or other transmitters, the second frequency transmits the data. Similarly, if the reception of one of the frequencies is attenuated or hindered by site-related interference, the other frequency makes sure the information is received.

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